What is Stay & Play Social Club?
SPSC offers an opportunity for adults to socialize through sport leagues, social and charity events.
Do you have to be a member to participate?
No membership is required, so no additional membership fees – just pay as you play!
But I am married, can I still play?
Yes, you don’t have to be single, if you are 21 or over – you can join the leagues or attend the events with SPSC.
How do I find out more information about SPSC?
Join the SPSC email distribution by clicking here. 16,000 plus are on the subscribed list! You will receive only 16-18 reminder emails a year the week of our happy hours.
How else do I find out about the events?
You can visit our Special Events page on the website to view our upcoming happy hour events. But, some of the last minute offers are only available by email and not posted on the site, your best bet, join the SPSC email distribution!
How many people play with SPSC?
We play four seasons a year, five days a week for eight or nine weeks each season. An average of 2500 people play with SPSC per season!
I have never played in a league before, do you have leagues for beginners?
We have 5 levels of play for the “new to the sport” and the “experienced player”, pick the level that suits you best.
Can you explain the 4 levels?

Rec [Recreational] is for the beginners or first time player; Int [Intermediate] ;you should have some experience and/or understanding of the game; Upper Int [Upper Intermediate] you should be able to play with a better understanding of the strategy of the game; Comp [Competitive] experience on a high school or college team or past league experience.

I don’t have a full team, just me, and maybe my friend might play – but can I still sign up to play if they can’t?
Yes, we can place individuals and small groups to form full teams for most of the leagues. Spots are limited and first come first with completed faxed registration form. Registration is available on the Sports League page online.
What if I want access to the group? Do you allow sponsorships?
Yes, we do offer league and event sponsorship. Please visit our sponsorship page for more details if you would like to promote your product/service to the SPSC participants.

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